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before i take a rest

Posted to Action Poetry

written in synapse to flow outta my mind with finger turned into fluid, i don't want to see sharon tomorrow after the evil email thing, navy rainbows with toilets of spilled shit comin out of them, the audacity of the bitch to actually give rosey that picture and say the faceless one was me, when that is not me for sure, never would i pose in an uncompromisin situation like that, don't even know whose it was, probably hidden porno freak rosey, wish i could get off and have some beer, alcohol, liquor, something, something to drift into happier states with, forgettin what was told to me in drunk jealousy cause i am not a virgin, cause i do have sex, cause i flirt and it is recipricated with more force than a fuckin wreckin ball, matt's lookin through my cd's to play his little twisted version of rock en espanol, how trite, shakira, love that song, sing along in the ol'lighting shop, now supervisor position'd with my non carin attitude, been stayin late for weeks and no kinda compensation, i was supposed to get off at nine thiry, ha ha ha! duty fucked that up, well at least i get to play with some of the others here that actually want a piece of me to put in their pocket, reminds me of last weekend when i got a little carried away and carried off into a night of sexual pains, it hurt but i couldn't stop, wanted to let every cell in my body surrender to whatever i was asked to do, all at the cost of free alcohol that was bought to sway my little ass into bed anyway, pitre always there to take care of me though, tellin rosey to watch over me when he has to do his security rounds, bouncer, bought me a couple of drinks now that i think about it, i love her lyrics, they speak to my soul, "you're a song, written by the hands of God" goin off into her love for the fallen argentinian prince that now is in a place i can't name, how i can't wait to travel, looked up padua the other day and their school, oldest in the world, to see if i could get in, submit work, whatever it took to be there and paint my life away in forms only other artists can know in their heart, hands and soul, words, paints, pencil, strings, ivories, even my feet, all entertwined to make the portrait that i am, woven tapestry of insanity, that dares to run around, kins worried about what is gonna happen with the whole drunk arrest thing, they told me that i will most likely be in alcohol courses, nothing else, they told me i would be in the clear cause i have support from the entire command, i wish that time could stand still and i could write it all out here in this moment for everyone to read, so that i would never have to explain myself with airline pictured diagrams, but...that isn't so, i need to eat also, gotta get some pepperoni before they end it, will be back in awhile to try this let it all out at once thing again