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In the Sun
By Aaron Hollan

That’s all right, that feels good, feel that sun. That sun warm on the skin like a mothers love, its blinding to the eyes but that’s okay, I got shades. Hey, look at her, look at those curves, those are the curves that always get my attention and that skin that’s so nice, skin that’s not yet a full bronze but not as if it hasn’t seen the sun. Its still early in the days of summer, good to be here with my friends all living up to their prime today, spirits are high. There’s a subtle sorrow in the back of my mind, the passing of Spring left there, there’s nothing like a Spring, I’m a spring child born on the 22nd day of March. The way the rain falls in Spring as if its making love to the earth, bringing everything back to life. Everything about the Spring cries, time to awake, time to show you what you’re here for! I’m drifting though, the smell of cocoa oil tan lotion brings me back, that smell could wake me from the deepest sleep, I’ve loved it since I was a child swimming those days otherwise lost in my memory, in my uncle’s pool with all those in my family who then seemed so close. Again my thoughts are drifting, but that’s what days like these are for daydreaming and remembering, and making new things to remember on some other day. One of my friends says something hilarious and we all crack up, and there go those curves again. Yeah, time to hit the water.