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stamp'd with

Posted to Action Poetry

cucumber melon scents of rememberence
while i danced in solitude
to paris voices that
sped up my heart rate
like cocain drips in
the back of my throat
periwinkle coatin my vision
while i couldn't stop talkin
about wht whispers in my mind
willie tellin me
"i did it cause i wanted you to talk to me for once instead of sittin there so quietly."
i did get alittle angry
with blush'd face of flattery
at the things people do
to get what they want
hand'd to them on
tarnished platters
by their grease stain hands
full of sweaty oils
that taste a bit of salt
when you put them in
your hungry mouth

p.s. to you, i ended up buyin metasexual and fell in love with some of the songs there, very good lyrics