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BARRETTA - guess the bird squeeled?

Posted to Action Poetry

i guess the big bird
on his shoulder

or what?

oh so true.....
divorces and affairs
stars hypnotized
by naked lies on screens,
sluts of the dreams of America
streamed through a lens,
cafe au lait trying the play on words
that extends into the
creme de la creme
with a judge

money, honey,
got a hold on them

let's not fudge
the concept!
it's Mind Rape
for crissake!!!!

supermarket tabloids line the aisle
while we stand there in single file
determining the importance of a flight

bam bam


and overnight
the fucking world went sour,
two towers crumbling,
blood and arms clinging
and hearts singing
and legs trying to walk
through the talk
in the streets,

and then the repeat and repeat
and repeat and REPEAT of it
over and over and OVER again,
as if SIN were the sinner itself,
big branded name players
caught up in themselves
calling evil Evil while bold
boll weevils ate into the oblivion
of TV.

Who has got a hold on me?
who can tarnish my water?
go ahead! take it, you bitch!
put your piss in it and TRY
to force me to drink!!

i WON'T!

i have the kitchen sink
faucet turned off and
the television black.

i'm looking forward,
not back!

And i will take the
firefighter's song
and the rescuer's longing
to find a photograph
of peace to my grave!!

what can save us now?
only Love, my sweet friend.
only Love from one to the next
has a chance to turn the dance
over to Astaire!

one by one by one by one...
it's the only way we will get there
as Ginger kicks her shoe up to the air,
leg extended, ready for the
starring role.

i am bittersweet with a confusing beat
of heart as night takes hold.
roll the Reals!
Truth inevitably unfolds.