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Reflections Of The Diamond Mind

Posted to Poetry

Digging graves of memory
Sugar and blood
Through radiant meditative states
Climbing open eyed into the smoky sub conscience
Searching for an alternative paradigm
The translucent soft center of dreams
Swimming through frothy waves of confusion
To the serene and placid core
To the Cosmic Godhead
Glass monument of mind
Clarity smoothing over my brain
Like a wet velvet rash
Lock jawed and determined
Chewing through the barbed restraints of my vested fear
I want to be free
I want to see
I want to soar above the bastard clouds
Straight to the sun
I want to explode
From over exposure to sights, sounds, and smells
I want to taste the textures of intensity
Burn in the slums of mental excess
Full of subterranean revelations
And murky tenderness
Bleeding life