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eye see you
so true
to the beating,
your heart repeating
the lines,
love hate
on different sides
of coins' reflections,
plates of sate ignoring
the rejection of Time,
rhyme like a cult in blue shrouds
lying on dead beds drinking koolaid,
laughing aloud at the sound of death.

in debt

empty the eyes of feeling!
peel the skin off the healing of desire~
fire up the wire and let us take our shoes off now
and walk upon it, toe to toe....

i am in limbo

i am fueled by lust, the trust tainted
by truth, youth dismissed like a nether child
ruled with a cane, insane with the poor rich itch
of abundance never quelled, swelled by the eye
on me, tried by destiny, endured by a mirror

i fear i may never wake up

i dreamed me here naked
and i am burning
on a stake
when oh when oh when
will i awake?

oh how the hearts of love on fire,
poor and rich and quaint,
deal with the us and you and me
which dreams of if and ain't.

Love is a glove.
I'm puttting it on.
into the fire there's a lyric, a song,
I'm just a rhapsody lost in a whim
wandering inside and outside of him......



with the silent sweep of me