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hey you there harvard yuppie man

Posted to Poetry

standing in your pat house
how many rooms do you need to feed the id
of your ego driven scheme
how many guzzles do you gobble every day
filling up the freeways
how you rage and scream
get the fuck off my highway!
you roar
you there
flick your wrist and wave the rest of us away
would that we would disappear ourselves
how many forests do you need to sluice today
to fill your contract fortunes
your book of words that little people wrote
who needs a salmon anyway?
snail darters will not be missed you say
frying koala rumps
in your mad skillet of lust
picking the gristle from your gnashing teeth
what's left that falls to marbeled floors
you kick away and cackle
screw the alms for the weak
the weak are born to die
you roar
today is a brand new war
oh yes, the beasts
they will not be missed -
you fill your skies with vapor trails
travel far and away to rob the lands
that get in your way
this is business
and you mean business today
every cent and every dollar
is precious metal paper
that will be missed if off
pissed off you count to be sure
not off by even just one penny
you clench your fist to crush the
living jaw of all that you don't like
getting ahead you hollar
is what it's all about
thrash the weak
kill the creeps
throttle all opponents
how dare they question you
be cool though, darling
walking next to mirrors
I notice,

when you're
standing there