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tears of a repentor

Posted to Action Poetry

tryin to wash
the color stains
out of my flesh
for what was done
to me in hate
post sorry feelins
birthed in belly
with regret over
my flacid form
limp and silent
i remember the flash
then my body wasn't mine
my head turned
i smelt something
that was burnin
like plastic barbie hair
no longer sunny blonde
my wrist ached with
fresh blister bursts
i just knew
cause i couldn't look
with shut eyelids
hearin the voice
that said what i felt
deep inside my bowels
rumblin with disquiet
to infect me with nausea
slowly makin a trail
up to the back of my throat
can taste it in spit
with ease i turn in
to listen to heartbeat
louder than acidic words
to burn my ears
i feel like i'm underwater
fallin out of the sky
my hair uplifted
on cold breezes that travel
higher than humans should
with aquatic movement of
my now tired body
batter'd by sharp fingers
i feel wetness comin
from sore spots on
my flimsy arms, legs, body
i collapsed on the floor
and can no longer breath
seein through slits
i am callin eyes
my vision clouded
on a rainy day
i see the hand that
slap'd me while i was down
sendin postcards to my
hidden spirit
and i am gone
gone from here
tears moisturizin my skin
tryin to call me back
from the void of between
with apologetic sonnets
written in unrest
upset for loss of
something never appreciated
something never attained
something never owned
something never surrendered
something never focused
something never silent
something never to come back