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Blowin' up the BUDDHA

Posted to Action Poetry

blowin'up the scheme
achtungin' the so-called dream
battlin' for the a piece
of the BEEN...and a lil
of that O SAY HAVE YOU SEEN???

We drove down to the corner
of what is slim and none
and by the way it was
to well done, and yet maybe
I did find my lil sugar plum
and as I say "I'll be a son
of a gun..........."

Blowin' up the Buddha
and what he's pointin' at 2
cause the real explanation
right down here on the
lifetime plantation
razor's edge pledge
no matter how many thoughts
and words ya dredge
up from the bowels of yer
wonderfully enlightened mind
be kind !!!!! and in lonliness
start to unwind.....WIREMAN