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Crunch Time

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some facts
had a breakfast special
at the Crossrods w/coffee
this am. for $1.98
went to Funks and met with
a photographer I represent
and with Mary Knott about
Sowebo poetry show and future of
Funks poetry night...and it will
live on as long as I'm around
we now have 3 nights in a row built around music and the word, hell the whole Buddha Band shows up for Zeldas Inferno on Sunday nights......this is not a
is rather a shout into the far reaches of an art journey gaining speed.......
wrote a poem action style and made my way up the street
to creative alliance to help with the collecting of artists works for the BIG SHOW an annual Baltimore artists gathering.....the Wireman Gallery is a venue for this years event which opens may 7th......
wrote a lil more and took tapes and cds to Scallio's bar in Sowebo for the festival, a fine group of poets ,bands and singer/songwriters.......
sittin here litkickin' and gettin a lil rest before I jam with the Buddha Band at Funks tonight...should be a helluva awesome time to be had come one come all...WIREMAN