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love field......

Posted to Action Poetry

Time, sweet the Time
endure the rhyme,
the thyme seasoning
the reasoning with Love,
two hearts above the beat,
the sweet remedy of touch,
the much so much of not enough,
the tough enduring of exploring!

Time, sweet the Time
endure the rhyme!

Time is a Lie passing
and it will be here all too quick
while waiting too long
and leaving all to soon.

oh how Time and Space
can tease the slice of ice
inside the moon --
the Clock, the Pretender
of Majesty has
Great Moxie
and i
cannot go back
to tracks,
unable to
fast forward
to pass you by!

in reality
i don't overhear
on the other end of the bar
while today i am bouncing off of a star,
my mouth agape with amaze,
raised by Orion, spun like the Lion,
somehow brave
while i save each word
of praise without

and it may possibly be exemplary,
but i am inside of it hoping
to hold you in my heart
and give to you a part of me,
while all of me enthuses you
and makes me breathe,
the start, a part
of unioned creativity.

is my heart so weak?
is the voice i speak too slurred
to leak desire?
is my soul not pure?
are my hopes a blur of fire
never quelled?
am i a lure or a dismiss?
are there dreams to buy?
tears in my eye, swelled??
will i just be
a fleeting kiss
held by the ticking?

this is love field
if you insist
and my eyes
are poppied out,
by inability to resist
the wings
which are soaring
the aura of a dream.

sweet the Time
oh please endure the rhyme
and seasoning
with the flavor
of a savor
some Times
can bring!