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Haydeen mo deen speedn to mexico

Posted to Action Poetry

Iturbide falls down a line of emperors
Zapata just wants the people to wear shoes
horny boys and half-made men nothing more
than happy sacks of hormones
watching an angel, nude descend
y tu mama tambien
a flower grows from seeds of disappointment
it is sweet but it won't last
driving along the dusty road we pass
two cops beating a guy to death
you're like a kid with unbearable wants
the reek of teeth in carnal flesh
the kiss that came with wet stained looks
the dry wit of a private joke
the slipping between your knees
a hand on a buckle the thirst of a mouth
the hardcore unsmiling stallion
stalking afterwards gloomy
the boring success of sex in a motel bed
versus the farce and fumble in the backseat car
driving rainbows the sideway cafe
kicked in the face by the red hot sauce
alone, we dig in our hot stickey ruins