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Hitchhiking with all the material comforts
Bandages torn from the broken skin it covers
How history repeats itself time and again
There are wars on the streets that never end

Longing to scream out, although no one is listening
Requiring the rainbow assortment to assemble an Army
To plunge through the lining of protective cushions
Extend the finger meant for poking, versus a trigger

A simultaneous cumbustion brewing
Hidden behind the sovereign of changing seasons
Colors the hues to the eyes, mystified by views
Perpetuating the pendulum swinging, even breeding it

Carrying out of deadly suicide missions
Artificial intelligence and gruesome concoctions
Pivot on the here and now, strokes of a genius
Aiming to put an end to social imbalances

Human misconceptions, people fly off the handle
Outraged, yet surfing the neighborhood horizons
Holding a name with a torch for repression
Senses of bullies chucked out a window

Children of the Corn, and the same bearings
No nectar of fruit to bring an end to the killing
From horsemen in the night blazing trails of fire
Hatred can make the inferior soul inspired

This pun and hypocricy continuing the equation
All is righteous and no one is perfect
Form a tempo, or bartering with mankind, and its saviors
Pegged to a cross to validate inhumane behaviors

Who has this right, to tell another...
I'd like to know who has this power, give in
Suffer the consequences for not following orders
What happened to our Bill of Rights, we're it shall not
impart upon another....