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What have I done?
Again and again
Mixing pleasure with pain
Tastes good
The pleasure dripping eve troft of my life
Fixed with silocone, cracks and drips again
Drink the last drop
Happy everyday folks smilin' at me
Beakon for my surrender
Tell me I'm sweet and kind
Wouldn't it be nice if they could step inside
Without the blade in my back I'm to blame
Thanks be to god, when you suck me dry
Paramedics rush to repair the wounds
Fixing the external holes, so the others can't bleed out
I swell- bruised
They sent a phsychiatrist to see me today
I smiled he came to eat my insides
Maybe they'll give me morphin
Push button joy
Make me happy and piss me off
Don't touch me, I'll go into a coma otta spite
Baby don't cry
I wasn't ever alive
I only flashed blurbs on the wall
Pretty creature wasn't I
Fixed me up just enough, so I could breath
I felt something yesterday, cause the needle fell out
I came down for a minute and screamed to let it all out
They stuck me again and sent the phsychiatrist back in
He calmed me down and I showed him slides
He cried
Tomorrow I will get a new room, cause they don't know what's wrong and they're going to study me to find out why they're so confused
It has nothing to do with you or me
My room is all white
I hate white
Wallow Wallow Wallow Little Piggy Piggy Squeal
Stop this now if you all speak at once nothing will make any sense
Ha Ha Ha they put you here again and if you had listened to me you would never come to this little piggy-die
Belly up to the bar
I tricked 'em again
Oh god yellow happy faced fuck is coming to talk to me
Your hand is burning my shoulder Please remove it
Can't they see my lips moving?
Hear me yet?
Stop touching me please
Your hand is sinking into me
Can't you feel that?
I'm feeling too much here
What's that drink? You know the one that mixes pleasure with pain
Yea that's it give me a double
"What's your name dear?"
Pleasure dripping eve troft of your life
"That's a beautiful name."
Did you know you're burning a hole right threw me?
"That's the plan pumpkin."
Hope this one can bleed me to death before the ambulance gets here.