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callin you today

Posted to Action Poetry

static voice over cellphones from diff. sides of the country and i almost let my tongue loose on my spanish american fast moving excited 'where the fuck have you beens' but it was just your lil answering machine, and i'm tired of leaving messages, tired of plastic notepads, not bieng able to see you when you hear my voice, listening to yours only taking away half the pain, been doin this shit for months now, having no phone for you to call back, no home for you to see me, no way of getting there, sliding back into eachothers lives into eachothers bodies even if only for an hour on old teenage beds in my mothers house on a holiday, last time? last time, i remember, recall, yet to write it all down, put ink to your tears, your explanations, your i love you, my i knows and kisses, lighting squares and opening beers holding you, this my once a year, my vacation, my jenny, my past, my best friend i never see and what can time change beyond stories we have to tell, beyond the rapidity of my tongue when i see you, when i spill it all to you, again, eternal running back