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Posted to Action Poetry

One with a seeing eye feels the gate of the soul
Verses spoken with the blinking too and fro

Lashes feathered like a gentle breeze
Lost in a kiss, reflecting upon a minute

Where bliss folds three times, like
A delicate lace napkin, placed perfectly

Billowy soft and open for stroking
Fingertips graced in flowing motions with

Mouth watering and starved for ice cream
Purging a deeper moment, two souls bound together

By a desire to please, and a fondness for dessert
The splendor of reaction, when sensations flourish

Only then, can a kiss become deeper
Than the time one will surrender

To the pain he must feel to need her
Gathering in his clutches, her blanket to appease him

Melting of two bodies, which fit tightly entwining
Velvety smoothe to one so hungry...

Forging and falling into her hopeless sea
An infusion exploding in ecstasy...