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ship o' fuels

Posted to Action Poetry

those crazed doled fuels
what will they choose nut ta think of nekst
just wen ya think we couldna regressed
comes complete and utter theft
utter words through woman breasts
single out through haiiry chests
the day is done up and SUNDAYLY dressed

on the flip side of the spoon
the concave convexes and the mind is enshrined and shrunken
the will is stabbed and cold and drunken
the heart grew tall in a sand where the houses had sunken
the China dish ran away with a cheque from MADE IN CHINA

disease spread
and was broadcast though the international head
the populace swelled and swayed and sprayed
the animals knew of the dirty charade
the crows of the refuse the rats of the halls
the canetoad the feline one sipider 6 legs crawls
the idea that at one stage their was shores without walls
these were the chosen dreams for emulations sake
for in perpetuation of myth there is a planet at stake
with a little stake her and a little stake him
him a stake her a stake everyone fights on too late

without forgetting pleasde to meet you
get smoothened out and guitars are people
guitars are people lovin their loves
+++++++++++++++++++livin their lives
###################lumpin their loads
*******************loathin their loathes

come up sidling smoothenoff the raw street walls
crushing erections of divide
a language
a minute
a ballet of upright strings words beat
claps form the clapsticks
murder make da matchsticks
private portal patch kits

swinging like gust of rock
travellin a million times the speed of clock
whilst we all share this vacant plot
lest we forget our liver rot
chase to swallow gulp'd up air
in anew plot of intrigue
in anew plot of land

then the cries of my tolerance
the impatience of inside
the troops start marching in the sofa of our heart
way before the sound of foot on earth gets to start

sigh now for never
"It just keeps getting better!"
as the light grinds the rock to outer space and the humans find another funny lookin face to misplace
remember how to forget whats been forgot
the past is a land; our vacant plot

and when i do become flowers
coz i will
i will become flowers
i'm gonna smell like shit for those awful bloody humans

but just before i become flowers
i'm gonna make science in limbo
observe the atom slipping in
to human skin
no choice for her
no choice for him
apologies are futile but are flogged til they're sin
their beated til bleeded til tethered to Amen

thanks to joey and sam for the darkening up of too harsh a white room. dedicated to 10:52 Saturday 20th April 2002