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angry headed dawn

Posted to Action Poetry

i try to dig you angels
man, i really do
but in this joint
your riot cops
and guns
the protester
protesting the protesters
what year i'm in
the squads of skull boy grins
i smell the toilets
flushing creeks of shit
along a chain link fence
running to the sea
the fish, uh huh
you don't see them
there no more
and that buzz
i hear your backward
spinning records
recording all the wrongs
in all them broken homes
somewhere in Kings County
they had to break down the door
to find the secret of addiction
decomposing on the other side
flowering in all its stench
like a Mason jar of dirt
with a metal lid twisted off
i try to dig you angels
but the engine went shanking
off the tracks
in cartoonland
in the country of the future
where you always will be
you're so far away
from me
you crazy headed angels
singing to me
in the cold and unwashed light
the angry dawn
ahead of me
i can't kneel no more
when i see you there
i see no angel of the night
just a jute and plaster statue
frozen in the light