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She said Yes

Posted to Poetry

From the Olongapo streets, to Budda island, where the monsters kept you
Over the ocean to a cold mitten, they forced you to call home
Restless, searching the jungle that grew inside you for an answer, is were I found you
I spoke soft deep and delibrate 'till you realized my words were nothing like what you'd heard before
Attention, wise of you to listen, answers I found in your jungle channel threw me
You must have stepped over them many times due to familiarity
Let us walk together off the paths and get right to the core of this
"You are my savior."
"I prefer spirt guide. I simply led you threw places you couldn't go alone. Besides savior is too christian based for me to swallow."
You're free now
You can go
I have no use for you, unless you can return the favor
Led me threw my maze
Searching for answers too
There are vine covered cubies in the walls, but there's a horned cyclops lookin' fuck, in there that knows when I'm looking and chases me away
Could you distract the freak, while I search, please?
I've waited a long time for someone who could run fast enough
Someone clever enough to make it threw without getting lost or losing the freak, so he finds me
Can you do it?