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Around downtown

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Grand eye popping, octopus facade
Glory restored
Separte in its oneness
Mansard slope
Dutch influence
Intimidating granduar
Briliant colors
Repaired foundations
Cooper gutters, green
Squatting close together
Mold covered rotting roofs
Fresh coat a paint
Big garbage bins w/window sleds
Personality change w/each new owner
Yet staying true to its beginings
Bed and breakfast
Pillars greek revival
No aluminum siding Please
Sand blasted brick red
No sign of foliage that must have been
Surrounded by iron or white pickets
New manicure
Compromised integrity
New privacy fence out back
Old window unrepaired
Screens falling out
Big porches w/swings reminiscent of times, people knew who lived next door
Out on hot nights w/paper fans and lemonaid, phonograph accompanied the disscussions of the days