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Blowin' Lattes Wall to Wall

Posted to Action Poetry

she hugged me
and I hugged her
just a 1/4 hug
%#@%@Sparks*&%!+ I decided
became undivided
wonder of wonders
gonna try it?
till the day I die it
never even question why it
definitely cast a wary eye at it
reach up and touch the sky with it
...........pause for sobe..........
and there once was this do-re-mi-fa-so-
la-di-da echoing in my harmonicas
spread upon the shelf, for the pickin',
for the self...for believing there's never been
a living hell...just a joy life brings, and right
now I'm blessed with this chance to sing, yes it's
joy life brings...get it on!!!!!!!!...WIREMAN