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deep into lies

Posted to Action Poetry

i said u wouldnt fail me
but i always knew u could
and i always knew u would
but just not so soon
i said you wouldnt hurt me
but i always knew you would
you're wailing away like a frail sheet shredding and your skins bleeding deep, you'd like to keep some sanity
just to say you are somewhat sane
you're failing and going down like cold hands going down inside your head trying to find what the hell you are thinking
but not finding anything that is logial
unconceivable, unreliable, unmentionable, irrational, illogical, disillusioned, disconnected, dismayed, disappointed, disgusting.. depressed, deeper in your pity than in your love.. deep into your lies, deeper in my thighes when you know you arent being true..
deeper into yourself than interested in anyone else but you..