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remembering pre

Posted to Action Poetry

six miles away from home
isn't long, six miles from
school, just june i ran
not to go back, buses
coughed in the parking
lot filled with odd kids
returning, i ran this time
for steve prefontaine, killed
a few days before, his mg
flipped over in oregon,
pre the ruthless, pre
the warrior, pre rushing
toward the finish line, i ran
past the fire station, the
huge rottmayer estate, over
berms of tiny cinders, broken
glass, cigarette butts, pieces
of rain-whipped paper, pre the
furious, pre the cocky, pre
running his mouth each time
he toed the white line, backing
up every word, i ran past rural
houses, farm fields, onitsuka
tiger shoes rolling in merciless
harmony, when it reverbs inside
& goes interior, the echo is all
you feel, pre the madman, pre
a poetry in motion, harsh poems,
hard poems, relentless poems,
pre said maybe someone could
beat him but they would have
to bleed, flying downhill to
where rt. 94 meets bellus, i
taste the blood on my tongue
this time its personal, wasted
a vision of gleaming into a
vague distance, vanish goodbye

-- markk