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My Mind Writin' Rhymes

Posted to Action Poetry

it all ends up
on realities door
not lookin' for
Heaven anymore the East
I do implore, as I
walk these urban streets
of Baltimore.....

Once again there's the quiet
silence of the alone, yet
welcome stillness I find
I watched, I relaxed, we hugged
and rubbed, we all laughed
and it was a silly show
made all the better by the
aroma of chinese carry-out delicioso's
this is Bawlmer baby, and we be a
bit skewered and the bottom line
yeah the deep down under,
word on the street,
all the ones ya greet
ya know she likes to walk with me
down to the pier, writing spot of mine
hold it near, for over 20 years
lookin' out over the harbor
tugs on parade
buzz of drunkards in the distance
Cats Eye Pub- Admirals Cup- Berthas
same song, same old come on, same night
leading to the same and I know
that it really ain't this way......WIREMAN