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cigarettes, one after another
nightmares, one after another
insomnia, between oversleeping
work, at the grocery
music, music, music
television, in the background
voices, in the background
dull lights, food
exercise, exercise
coffee, coffee
alone, nobody knows me
and im all alone
sitting here in a dimly lit basement
cluttered with
garbage, dishes, books
tapping out poetry
on a keyboard
between reading
proust, van gogh, ellison
boredom, solitude, loveless
sad and dreary face
dripping off my skull
for want of lips to kiss
and tongues of familiar ghosts
to lap at my eardrums
booze, booze, booze,
depressed and over sensitive
the only human in a world of ghosts
my soul grows stronger
able to tolerate these painful bouts
of solitude with less and less grief
each time
save the brooding pain
of leading a wasted life in solitude
clinging and clanking away
with my devices
drunk, in a dimly lit basement
with serenity and gloom
the silence saturates my eyes
that glow like lanterns
seeking out other eyes
in the still and empty suburban night
clad in black
hopeless walks
from here to there
and back again
looking for something
i cannot seem to find
between loud and brazen movies
colors flashing scars on my eyes
deathly and soured
serene and catatonic
i wait a few days
then pursue
wait a few more
then pursue
hoping to find
the answer to all this wasted time
6:04 am april 22, 2002