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you must be that carny dude i heard about,
shouting come on in when i wasn't looking,
me offering up spare change for an entry in the gate,
Fate, the Damn Clown taking votes with the audience
spinning paper plates on sticks, tricks of illusion
and giggly balloons with funny faces much too soon,
the dip of sticky sugar in a phrase wrapped around
a pink neat wisp, a kiss on a ferris wheel, sucking
moonbeams off a star, a funnelcake which melts
in my mouth, the south so far away that fat ladies are jealous,
thin men stand on stilts hitting their heads on planets,
jupiter and mercury dismissed so quick
i thought i was goin' blind.

you the man with the ticket booth?
you the carny with the sunshine booze
to drink me blind?

step right up!

walk into this hall 'cause the doll's got the dor
open fer ya, a little ajar like a far away hinge

swing it wide
come inside

the mirrors will thrill you
as we look at our arms
and legs melting
into each other,
distorted smiles
in single file becoming grins,
sins on the two PM stage
might enrage 'em or make
slim of the beauty of the art

five six seven eight
fossey's makin it great
and i'm dancin' on top of a parallel bar,
swinging with an arabesque, an Acrobat Queen
on the nile, bogey not yet hit

put yer jinx on!
let's dance,