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moments of dissonance

Posted to Action Poetry

the time you realized it was all too much
too fast and ugly or too
plodding and perfect-
seeming, I almost believed it could be
perfect, I could be striving for
someone else's meaning,
disguised as mine.

Then the world closed in
and swallowed me in exploding tubes
of what was once ignorance
now ignorance flaking in bits of shell

Suddenly an apparent path,
a spot through the forest, thick brush
snapping twigs pricker bushes wild animals

i don't want it i don't want to go
down there i like my path my straightforward
stop telling me there's something wrong

not me it's not me not us it's not us
i don't want that path through the woods
but the one in front of me
that straight, perfect line
has already grown twisted into the distance
and disappeared
and I can never go back again

but everything new is so beautiful it hurts
and i am in love with the world