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buy a fast car/i'd kill myself/by accident/may even hurt someone else oops/got a necklace/gives me an edge/mirror sunglasses/makes my co-workers laugh/just a joke/it's a funny thing/i make it in/without a fast car/the glasses only good/for keepin' my hair back/someones always touchin'/it gits in my eyes/i'm not cuttin' it/they said it was cute short/i ain't fuckin' cute/got me wrong/just smilin' so i don't have ta bend/too far/cute my ass is/yea/that's what i hear/can't see it/i'll wear tighter pants for ya/like that/whoa boy/i tell ya to touch it/i ain't givin' you a kiss/you can kiss my neck/right here/harassment/ain't it/fuck that/ya wanta fuck me/betcha do