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drywall spackle

Posted to Action Poetry

the drywall spackle of my personality
greatly collides with your extroverted smile
hanging on a clothesline across your face
and the world is a lampshade
with a 100 watt bulb underneath
showing all things are beautiful when lit up

the picasso line swirling its way up
my body around my hips
dividing my face into quarters
with my left eye
where my mouth should be

my little freckles have been misplaced
around the house
as I wonder from room to room
searching out my green tea and peace pipe

I need them
to adequately play
the mind game you’ve so conveniently set up for us

wink at me with your
new wal-mart mini blind eyes
that the romanian woman
wanted to lick
to remove the splinter you
kept there for safe keeping
the splinter of my heart
you widdled off with your pocket knife
the same pocket knife you used to carve
your manifesto into
the drywall spakle
that is my personality

to have it there as a piece
of me
a piece of you
forever imprinted

apply the ink and let it seep
into my emotions
VICTORY is mine
clint eastwood screams
in my dreams
as I have the upper hand
in this dream relationship