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13 miles until Bedford (warning: sexually explicit)

Posted to Action Poetry

13 miles until Bedford
reads the green and white road sign
although Bedford isn’t where I need to be
that sign is okay by me

passing the beat up oldsmobile
with more rust than paint
I open the air vent
and let the cool air breathe down my neck
like a man who won’t go away

I need this oxygen
this freeon infused air-
cool me down
in the passenger side
bucket seat

set the button for cruise control
and let me give you road head
it always comes when
you least expect it

it’s daylight out
and the semi trucks are passing
and blowing their horns
as I blow you.

don’t crash-
pay attention to the road
as you close your eyes
orgasming into my mouth

wiping the sides of my mouth
I sit up smiling
knowing I’ve done well
hand my pipe and me my camel lights
lets get high on the expressway to home
speeding from the rush of blood to your head

my lips numb
suck the smoke out of the chamber
as my left thumb is lifted
off of the side hole

the sound of the fire
that comes from the lighter
is soothing to my ears
along with the cd in the player

let it go and go
as we play and play
in this little world that
is the inside of our car
as we drive along the highway
now past Bedford
stopping for water to cure
my dry mouth

love me as I rest
my head on the back of my seat
slip me your finger
and bring me the heat
deep breathes as I yearn
for our bed
back home with sheets and a pillow
for my head
are we there yet
as I come all over your
it’s a beautiful thing
as we drive through
this thriving land

trees on both sides of us
and grass that divides
the highway going north
as we drive south

it’s time for me to rest no
continue to drive on
wake me when we’re home
and we’ll do it all over again.