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JINX- a collaboration with light'ning rod

Posted to Action Poetry

we can't figure out who wrote which verse... can you? hehe


When Jinx pads into the room
you are sure he means absolute
business not only cuzza the ring
onnis pinky but just by the way
he moves like if you fuck with
him he's gonna claw the curtains
down and you may feed him but
this is HIS house and at times he
just walks around making sure of
that wid siamese confidence blue
tipped and regal in his bearing.

that damn Jinx Tom Cat's
got a middle name called Love,
a siamese reflection
in a mirror 'bove eighty-eight keys,
stroking his fur
with his tongue,
purring whirs
which could bring
a Reverie down
to its knees.

Jinx is a Made Man in the mouse
control business which he uses as
a front for his real occupation as
agent for the International annif he
has politics he ain't talkin about em
but you can see his libertarian stripe
a mile wide right across the two xx's
on his forehead when he purrs smile

He's a Pussyfoot Sneak
with a heart, playing with Destiny
like it were some kind of a joke.
writing lyrics
to tease Shakespeare,
melodies to bring tears
to your eyes, chasing
his tail around and around
until he becomes a logo
printed on the spine
of a book.

When Jinx walks you can hear the
string bass and touch of high hat
as he moves like a jazz intuition
through the changes predatory and
elegant making perfect sense like
miles in cashmere blues stroking
his own pedestal convincing you too

He's a lean mean preen of
a feline twin dream,
ready to lick the world up like milk,
as gentle as his own soft silk coat,
the Lion his cousin.

Watch out for the Jinx.
He's double trouble.
He's takin' ovah!!!