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Trees in Parks and Gardens

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Trees in Parks and Gardens

If the trees had eyes
what memories would breathe
from the peeling bark of forgotten years
to silently brood over the
prism of our scandalous innocence

polyps of swaying green enchantment
governing with broken branches
moulded by overall-ed men
with lawnmowers glistening
into the deathly pale hegemony
of some spurious order

but the hope of the trees
won’t wilt or yield
to mans ugly reasoned tempers
so long as they are sustained
by the permanent passions
of the heavens ever-duelling wares

and to these barley mortal
earthbound giants wisdom
what are we but
oddly shaped fallen leaves
drifting around then
rotting away
to feed their roots

sorry - i'm going through a brief corny phase at the moment