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recalled tireds

Posted to Action Poetry

as i remember the night
that slowly evolved
like a whisper
in my right ear
hot moist exhaled
informin my mind
with alcohol serenades
"we started singin..."
my body mimic of madonna
my head halo'd in
mood lightin like
a bag of shiny candy wrappers
in all the holiday colors
eyes reachin fingers
out to touch my arms
my legs, my stomach
conversations begin
on basis of my voice
leadin into art
"well, i consider..."
philosphizin like when i
was 18 years old
unkept opinions and theories
rarely shared only
with cats and lazy mirrors
turnin into wants
to see my works
exchangin e mails with rosey
because i don't
give mine out to strangers
talk of father,
talk of gettin me started
yet again
talks of a duet
talks of a kiss
i let my eyes rotate
around the booth
and decide who i want
and can't decide on one
flirtin with them all
pollenatin my aura
with buzz'd wings
i let myself relax
while arms wrap
around my waist