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strip for me

Posted to Action Poetry

and i'll strip for you
we'll shed our layers to reveal
our grains through and through
if it's shine that you need
i'll spray on some grub
and give you a rub
a dub dub
wanna soak in my tub?
Cuz when we both get clean
and lemon-y fresh
we'll be New & Improved (C)
and we'll Pledge to the death...
Do us part?
We'll be joined
like 2 nails in a coffin
and to keep you all bright
we'll keep buffin' and boffin'
and one day we'll see
it takes more than a hue
to keep this table
looking like new
there's a real craft involved
in sticking together
2 sticks rubbing sparks
fall apart under a feather.