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zoo plus

Posted to Action Poetry

winged myself and took flihgt to donkeys years
way out yonder in the clearly blue mind
sunken cheek sympathetic soldierly severity
mid sentence serpentine
wallow in your expextations of your relations
quiz your teachers on the validity of sanity
say why miss? why sir?
why this? why burn?
wet your apetite and clean out your formative years
close the closet on your way out
sweep the kitchen free of automatic ism-atic
park the/your vehicle
adjust your rear visionary imaginary
swipe the slate cleaners cleaning fluid and move so fa ti do
enter into a contract 14 times in a day
buy fuel and a macadamia and carob bar
buy two cups of tea and 2 bucks worth of hot chips
say you'll be there at 1:30
get there at 1 time or another
swipe the slate cleaners cleaning fluid and see how far you go away