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Posted to Action Poetry

my words aren't silken praise
written in invisible ink to be dissolved
with the rain which inevitably comes,
thunderclaps never won,
elusive halos captured by the mist
of fog, logged onto clouds

my words are live and aloud,
sincere like a clear blue morn,
my heart torn from my soul,
whole like the control of
moonbeams planted on a garden

my words are not jargon
no advertisting slogans here
no slanted slurred blurred over tactile
reserved space on a 2 minute commercial

my words are fluently pursed
with my lips, a kiss of Truth
not to be missed

if you want them,
let us sing

i will ring them with a chime
and bring you lavender
to soothe your scents of wonder,
cascading off the thunder of a rhythm
not yet heard

if you want my words,
they will not be absurd, oh no!
they will hold instead, the show of applause
from a sentence and a clause, a comma
and an apostrophe,
the curtain drawn to see
the light of me
but please don't placate me for a vow,
don't take or taunt my meaning with
an ever and a never and a somehow
let me sing to you
and i will be your living doll,
my head lying like peace
on your chest,
your hands, my protectors

slick the quick trick of resurrectors past,
pulling my soul in with a lie cast,
hope oh hope i cope the rope
around my neck before i die!
i am hanging at the gallows
a ninety degree angle to myself,
my feet dangling beneath my breath
my head crooked in a twist of
yesterday's game

the rope,
a pull of yank
and snap

when i was trapped on the standing still of miracles,
a box where my feet took temporary residence,
the evidence never offered to a jury of my peers
and i am in fear because
the trial had taken place
but i wasn't even there
judge slamming down the gavel,
unraveling my life before the media
of lies to bleed,
walkers walking talkers talking
stalkers mocking, what a crime!

but i'm
in a cell now, fused by
the beauty of a dream,
held by mystery
waiting for the timing of the juice
to see me past the in between

oh god oh god i Love you so
as i await the noose of Time
to loose itself around my neck,
my rhyme just drips
of hope from lips
which leaves my words
stuck dry,
sublime while
prayers for air
bring knees to please
and genuflect!