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my word

Posted to Action Poetry

swift tips off lift my minds lips spit they split and purse
drool unreasonable curse
infatuated like glad wrap
raped in conflict
bound umbilical to future to past
broadening mind to outgrow first and last
strengthen the soul to withstand and contrast
grip to the skill you love your love from no cast
buried in superscript
you can lead a man through a mirage
a barrage
but you cannot make him think
its easier to make him drink
its easier to let him sink
he'll believe that to the consequence
that his action had no link i drift off home for an eternity
right in the middle of this very day
went on a pick nick
and a lyrickilling spree
climbed a tree
siwmming like turtle dove
in sunset sky blue sea
soaked in a title wave
name badge era of decay
slop on up to soup-eeriie-or-a-tea
you'd suck holes through rocks just to be at morning tea
you sit a hundred flocks down calm to follow the t.v.
do have the time to wait for the sea
oceans soldlost as territory
red lines on maps cause poverty
subterranean untouchable love
touch and taste for free trade

drops spots of drooliteracy on this wicked finger board
use my keyboard to unlock the bored

catch my kicks on late night fretboards
canvas boards
mark maker and surface

yure inspired comradical poetrapster