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beef bag

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i had spent the first five years of my life in the poverty of a tiny shack about a mile away from any other homes, it swayed and leaned in fierce tides of wind that blew in around 8 months of the year. my parents were proud, and i was overly modest and shy, rarely speaking, having no friends, and being kicked out of boyscouts after i was caught naked with another boy in the woods, receiving his cock in between my cheeks, i boy i havent seen since, i wandered that back woods, in my rugged clothes, and leaning on a painted walking stick. beating from my father were regular, so i often camped outside. one particular day, as i sat under a small shelter i constructed out of cool deep verdant leaves and branches, puffing on my corn cob pipe and smiling up at the sky, i heard noises. i set my pipe aside and crept closer, to an opening in the woods, where i saw a woman wearing torn clothes, stumbling away from a man who was striking her with a crowbar. she called out, but with each strike, she grew less resistant, the man yelling at her , to shut the fuck up, and lay down, which she eventually did. he pulled out a shining packing knife from his pocket and sliced open her dress, what was left of it, and her underwear, his hand covering her eyes as to conceal her identity. he parted his fingers a bit, and sliced out the womans eyes with the blade, pulled a large red erection from his trousers, and thrust it in between her legs. she cried out again, he answered her, shut the fuck up, and struck her across the skull with the crowbar, as his hips moved in and out of her crooked parted legs. his mouth moved to her breast, which he bit into, gnawing it partially off, as she screamed and writhed, he fist striking him in the head, he struck her again with the crowbar, still fucking her, yelling shut the fuck up, over and over, a crowbar strike with each enunciation. she became still, he continued with the fucking, and striking of her head with the crowbar. i could still hear her whimpering, her head half submerged in mud, and when he withdrew his cock, he began to thrust the crowbar in between her legs, she screamed a final time, a muffled inhuman noise, and his back arched, driving the curvature of the crowbar onto her head. he stood up, and wandered away, the crowbar in his hand, dragging the whimpering body with him by the leg. i crept after them, tiptoeing in bare feet, upon the cool grass dew. he wrapped her in a few garbage bags, and dumped her at the foot of a tree, hulking away down the wheel beaten road. i waited a moment, then approached the mess, which moved slightly and occasionally, a whimper now and again. i unraveled her body bags, to see her skull nearly mashed away, her right breast chewed off, her vagina and ass completely dessimated by the crowbar.
"hralep eamtg
she muttered through a small hole,what was left of her mouth, smeared across her face, teeth jutting out of various points of her skull detritus, nose, eyes, gone, one ear hanging off, the other she grasped tightly in her hand, which quivered. i poked her with a stick, and she cried out, a muffled call. i reached down between her legs, and plucked out a handful of crimson saturated flesh, which i squeezed in my fist. pasty blood drooled from it into the mud, i sniffed it, licked it (a brief image of myself masturbating with the handful of meat bile), tossed it aside. i noticed a tiny ball forced into the side of her leg, which i dislodged with my walking stick, and picked up. the tiny agonized head of an unborn child. i looked at the pinched face for what seemed like an eternity, mounted it on my walking stick, went to retrieve my pipe.

at home that night, we dined on roast deer, rainwater, and potatoes.

i became ill.apart from pounding headaches, my hearing grew duller, and duller, untill it was gone. my father boxed my ears, when i didnt listen to him, because i was now deaf, and my ears became lodged and wedged in the side of my skull, protruding now longer, just question mark shaped holes. my posture grew worse and worse, the shape of my arms and legs gradually twisting, with each blow upon them, and when my little cock came off in my hand while i was pissing, i ran into the house and gave it to my mother. i had never been to the hospital before, but thats where i was taken, to where a tall and stocky man in white perused me with an anguished face, collecting samples of pus from my skin, my genitals in a jar, and i was attatched to a machine which sucked my feces and urine out of my body, and kept it in a tank. sometimes, there was blood in it, othertimes, a pale sallow fluid which the doctor eyed, concerned.
one day, my vision was oblitherated, as if a strange chemical had dripped over my eyes, destroying them. i was in a constant state of agony, as all i could perceive was a bright white light shooting into my eyes and brain from around blurry objects i could no longer recognize, in the color of dull grey. the light was so potent, and my eyes so sensitive, i felt as if i were standing inches from the sun, peering into its mass, or staring at the beams jutting from god with human eyes. when closed into a dark room, with a single candle lit, and a shade over the light, i could detect some of reality, barely perceptible, i saw my eyes in the mirror, grown three times their normal size, and in the shape of crescents, the lits clotted with brown crust, the whites turned black, no color or pupil, but a white circle in the center.the next day, i found myself shivering and soaked in some thick fluid, as the doctor stood over me with a needle.he stuck it into my arm, and my skin snapped like paper, the needle protruded through my arm poking through the other side, my arm bent, and hung there, simple falling off my body, like a rope of pudding to where it splashed onto the floor. shocked, i stood up, and my legs faltered. the doctor gestured wildly for me to stay seated, i could not regain my balance, i faltered, and colapsed to the linoleum floor, where i splashed across the floor and walls, like a dropped bucket of beef stew.