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tis time

Posted to Action Poetry

oft i write bout the meaningless
the seems of which my heart says is endless
the breadth o which most can't comprehend
at moment of translation not i understand
so away with me now
so away with my persona
the roughage inside here to grope your mind senseless
bleed your patience beyond yin and yang
enter the realm of
work it out for yourself
with a lottle bit of help from "the others"
the linguistics involved are not so high up the scale
though even that is relative
all cousins are we
the sapling the dollar the mountain to bee
the energy creating is where i spend my care
say how, with my words ,my worlds people, how do we engage
how shall i return my insides to this time, another typical age
in ways like the bronze the stone the middle
in ways like the dark where unholy played fiddle
the courtroom era
the dawn of the our dusk
the twilight of enterprise
with no trees to break the storms of dust
another typical error
a typo of god
forgot to proofread this lastest lost lot
and sit here i do
as i stand , make to walk
the writing was on the wall
before concrete was invented or even chalk
its just that it was in a different tongue(kinda like a snakes tongue but spooned, not forked)
in magazines twas resented
twas a loss to the sheepfish
twas misrepresented

now after all that i still curve my lurve right round this pear shaped earth
there we go being human again
we live on top of a planet that on the surface consists of 70% water
and we call it soil
soil also suggests shit
does it not
as in i've soiled myself
rhymes with spoiled
for me
god is earth
heaven is past presence
heaven is realizing that now is where the wow was when you thought abow tit just moments ago i go
i go to places in my mind that alot of people are too scared too admit that their brains emit
then their are others who don't live up to my ego-building sterotypes
don't fear the sea creatures
aliens they appear as
but what
but who
but where were you when god as earth made the informed undemocratic decision to make all things as they are with the ability to evolve when things got tight or or legs needed flight
when fish needed trees
when antibodies felt around for a new playful disease
to keep things deathly
to liven us up with the threat of that ghost
that politically correct boogieperson
that faded and over indulged bookmark
that succulent liitle splinter in your good windowshopping eye
knowledge is the most talked about thing there is
how often it is gained
is a question too rarely asked in schools
I reached ecstacy and exit wound in one night on mushrooms
feels great to know that the experts were full of shit in their own heavily sinkered opinions
opinion that have also a float attached so that the owner may see the bites it gets

life just is
we should treat it as we are