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Looking & Seeing

Posted to Action Poetry

I see the eyes
on the zombies
walking streets
driving cars
looking eyes
looking for paths
for their egos
to follow
looking for shortcuts
to life's confusions
looking for others
to lead them
to love them
to heal them

all this looking
but nobody seeing

looking is for the mind
seeing is for the love

our minds cannot love
it is our reasoning
it is our logician
it is our doubts
it is our confusion
the mind is always looking

our love cannot reason
our love behaves for joy
our love fuels our being
our love does the seeing

seeing absorbs life
does not place restrictions
does not pass judgements
does not agree or disagree
seeing is our existence
unfolding moment by moment
no good - no bad

seeing - the equalizer
looking - the analyzer

use both and fulfill
use both and realize
use both shamelessly
both sides NOW

Look and you will find
See and you will know