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Posted to Action Poetry

do you think
that by clicking
this mouse
in my right hand
i'm somehow
clicking away
my brain cells

as i stare and stare
at the computer screen
that not that far away
causing my eyes
to become sore

click click click
i've somehow become
fond of that little sound
that little sound
that wisks away
my energy
my will power
my desire to move

just let me sit here
and click away
my brain power
as i click click
this mouse in my right hand

what we call modern technology
i call
the new television set
a new way
to stay away
from reading the newspaper
and flipping the pages of a book

don't get me wrong
i love my pc
and the life it brings me
outside of my little town
so neat and small
but it keeps me
from my jack kerouac
my anne rice
my door to another world
that takes me far far from here

from the click click
of the mouse
in my right hand
i should click click
this pc off
and roam around this land
get some sun
burn my shoulders a bit
and read my book
bringing back my brain cells

letting them multiply
don't cry
don't cry
just click click
click away