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For the love of God,
Bettering the wounds from the sins of Corporate America,
Stockholders and beneficiaries,
What millions you've made us!
Lining the pockets of our Italian suits and Ferragamo's,
Candle light vigils and prayers for the fools that tripped,
Over their own tassle loafers, console the guilt by covering
It all up, like taking a massive shit, and burying it,
Something about the impoverished,
Less fortunates fail to deliver, shoot them dead,
Surrender their children to your fortunate hands,
So that you shall have a market, black and barren,
For old men to poke with wrinkled old cocks, and stubby
Fingers, swollen by masturbating with oil rags mounded
Into a heap ready to combust in the garage,
While portraits of porn stars line their walls holding
Beer cans between their perfect thighs, and lips that sway
Like an old mare put to pasture,
A school bus in the heart of Winter,
Must be so terribly dreadful in their charity holes
Dressed in yesterday's fashion, worn of holes and tatterings
Watching you eat that sandwich, getting an erection at 6 years old, waiting for any small morsel to scatter the floor
Vast attempts to follow good nature, organized religion
Out front with the pity bus, full of empty eyed ghetto bastards, so mama can turn tricks for a little bit of coke
Lowest life forms, your charitable contributions
Uneducated, welfare queens, breeders to wasted souls
To swamp the prison system and justify where the taxes go,
Broken down cars lining lawns in Rio Linda, strawberry manor
can be all to tempting for crack dealers to pawn your shit,
Flashy nugget teeth and parkas when its 85 degrees outside,
Democracy masks an awful painting by some degenerate ex hooker to the upscale officers,
Justifiable beggar's banquet, promoting culteral diversity
Still segregating those prisons, negligence and thirty percent of your income, to wash the demons away,
Bleeding hearts on protest ten minutes before the execution
Celebrating on tiki torches and umbrella drinks on a veranda
A pregnancy mal-adjusted that could've been eliminated
Ice carvings become art that melts, hurling chainsaws made in Japan, Sister-of-Mercy can be viewed at the Donkey Show on Broadway, things people do for the love of the hustle,
And a card in the deck.