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this touched

Posted to Action Poetry

I'm new here and
I happened to search
through the poetry
archives in need of
'kicks' or comfort
I seemed to need lately
I felt like intoxicated
when reading all kinds
of poems
just to mention a poet
'sullen girl'
I swear I have not been
drinking today
-except orange juice-
I imagined that poet
was me or writing for,
or about me, really
strange and fascinating
feel so healed now
and like drunken of poetry
which flies far above reality,
in the sky, even higher
can I say near the Gate's
of Paradise where I have
no worries no toil,
no shame, or guilt
at the same time
I listen to a song
"Please touch me" and so on,
repeatedly touch me, touch me,
I don't know if anybody else
here has experienced this kind
of intoxication
I feel like jumping
maybe it is no sin
in poetry
in imagination
please forgive if this sounds
thank you Litkicks poets
for giving me this fine
-Primavera (from Spain)