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Drop the Hate

Posted to Action Poetry

those in love
do the craziest things
promises made
broken dreams
I said I would help
If I could
Love binds us forever
In this worlds neighbourhood
But now you have hate
I can't be your fate
and hate is unjust
in your wonderlust
for you two are in love
sacred union
you see my friends
it is us four still
in the end
yin and yang
the master plan
you on your side
us on ours
thank heaven I know you
truely I am blessed
but please drop your hate for me
for it is not Heaven sent
Hate breeds chaos
and if you stay there too long
you will only sing
a bitter song
fill yourselves
up with your love
and if it is time
to be separated
be free
you will meet again
The same fate may befall
me and my mate
but love
will tell all.
and it always wins.