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telemarket constellations

Posted to Action Poetry

Got my teeth star capped and I’m shining for you, popping off bottles of champagne that I don’t drink but understand the shushed language, what the rising says, what the sound means as it hits overhead wrinkles of a white plaster face, call this religion, call it upward angle, aimed and cross hairs, fingers meet at bending points to keep the unforgivable away- all that makes movies, that makes books, that brings us closer, clicking heels to bring houses down- Got my teeth starcapped girl, trying to shine over the phone, hang myself on segmented gray wires while feet are still secure just to test the resiliency of my neck, my attention span, knowing I won’t turn from the idea, from the thought, from the conversation, and that’s all this is, fingernails in the grout of brick spray painted gold, my hopeful graffiti, trying to make straighter lines, get to you