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Daylight Dreams

Posted to Poetry

Here I stand in the pouring rain
clean mind but empty soul
Waiting wearily
fighting for the many burns
from a touch to close to the flame
In my youth I waited for darkness
now found in arcane bottles of brown sludge
Eyes blinded shut by the darkness of time
Bring on the fire let it burn our words
Let it shine the darkness in chant
follow it by faith
follow it by numbers
by whole all the universe
By faith let it flow like fires in nightmares
Let it flow around us like ancient stone under rivers of earth
Let it free as a voice within the horror of a crop gone dry
The thoughts of dreams alive during waking hours
Gone forward the thoughts by children of madmen
only to be remembered by time that has no meaning
Why can't I remember all of this in daylight dreams?
Why can't I take with me the omens of song and script?
In the summer months
when the heaven's falls to earth once again
a funeral march plays
Stone rises to mountains
and the tattered ends of flesh to clay
to build on the melody of time
Visions in the shapes of clay
should not forget the anguish of time
gone forth to stone
Go forth and claim the dreams of darkness
ride a beast of stone
and spray paint the words of wisdom
and faith upon it's breast
and wait for us all.