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A poem written after a weekend trip to San Francisco (PC)

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On a clear day in the foggy city
I see you, Jack, in the shadows
Nursing an empty bottle of red wine

And on the streets
In your car driven by a madman

Walking to the bookstore, I see your name
Imprinted into a metal street sign
Pointing to an alley filled with trash cans

Upstairs in the shop I see your name again
On the spines of books fat and thin
Some you never knew were published
Back down the stairs, burdened by books
I see your face on a poster
Your arm around that same madman

Driving to the airport, jazz plays on the radio
More smooth than you would like
I think that I am leaving you when I board the plane back home
That our little affair ends here
But I soon find myself reading your words
Your dreams
I see I haven't left you
And you'll never leave me

...I haven't written in a while...what do you think?? This poem might make more sense if you know that I found a copy of "The Book of Dreams" at City Lights