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what is it i seek?

Posted to Action Poetry

just found this in my notes... 3/22/2002... don't know if i posted it or not

thanks for reading


i seek the bittersweet
disillusion of a moon
falling from the sky too soon
offering wisdom up
from the cup of its form,
the adornment of miracles
in craters, nothing left but
poured out
like each particle
of matter matters

i seek the weak
silent remedies
of moments of forever
filling my soul with the
touch of satin, my heart
on a lever, pushed up with
the awkward presence
of itself

love is never silent
there are breaths
of words to speak,
violent is the gauge enraged
of ears who fail to keep
memories of songs which plead
the hope beyond the moon

love is never silent,
it's riddle 'neath the tune

and so i seek it all too soon,
the cheeks drenched with a rainbow
seeping down concaves toward
the arch of a smile,
the hope of forever
on the bleak destination
of only for a while,
the child reaching up
with outstretched palms to touch
her mother's face and trace
the tears with fingertips
because she knows
how much,
how wide,
how huge
the tide can flow,
her halo only half aglow
upturned at an angle of why

what do i seek?
i seek the try and try and try
and try again, on the stand
judged, no grudge held,
no judgements cast,
no critical admonitions lasting
like eternal blame, no names
written in grafitti on walls of stalls
to annihilate the spirit, damage
the ever come near it

i seek the sought after stride
of coming alive with a blink
of a moment on the tip
of a lash,

eyes casting shadows not!
the lasting of reflected rainbows
off rainclouds hiding the taunt
of a new dawn!

i seek the ride i ride myself upon,
each minute to deny a yawn,
boredom just a joke!

everything there is to see is mine and yours,
it's ours to hold forever close, the yoke
of miracles we claim!
and so i seek for you
the same!