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sleep deprivation

Posted to Action Poetry

been runnin off
of about three days
six hours of sleep
still up
just comin from
night vision operations
finally being relieved
sittin in the dark
turnin knobs and lights
to will of pilots
like children at play
wantin to stay certified
my collateral duty
that pays about
five dollars a day
eyes burnin holes
deeper into my skull
while my hands fidget
with their own minds
old man finger to type
from a young body
with uncharacteristic
stale smells
that linger in my nose
only smoked 5 cigarettes
in the past two days
cause my belly aches
from lack of
food, rest, entertainment
alcohol, sex, company
mixed with stomach acids
man, i need sleep
but gotta due my part
to keep the ship floatin
when i want lines tied
to a pier and
liberty calls hollered
out of amplified speakers