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The Dead Republic

Posted to Poetry

On the boulevard
I am eating an icecream
the future has more flavours
chilli & pecan

Cars are pulled by white light
& pushed by red
at least that's what I might think
if I was deaf

A hooker offers me a blow job
she jokes the first two minutes are free
I tell her in my younger days
that would be a risky business

A dealer hawkes oblivion
I say I already have my drug of choice
the future has many flavours
his eyes ask,
I don't think he'd understand
(my concience asks –
how the fuck would I know?)

A blind man rattles a tin cup
I give the remainder of my ice-cream
to his dog
he can hear a coin fall into his cup
but a hundred dollar note is silent
(if I had one)

The sunset is thick &
makes the fake palms look real
inside a taxi someone is freaking out
can't tell if they've been stabbed
or over charged
the dead republic groans.

© SJ Grady 2002